Within Guanabara Bay, it means “holy water, holy river or salty river” in Tupi language. One of the city’s most famous beaches, it is 1,200 meters long and its vegetation comprises almond and coconut trees. The site has an extensive stretch of sand and a sidewalk, encouraging people to play several sports, to jog, walk or to just admire the beautiful landscape. It is also the stage for the biggest events held in the city. The Índio and Itapuca Rock, the MAC (Contemporary Art Museum of Niterói) and part of the city of Rio de Janeiro, mainly Corcovado and the Sugar Loaf, can be seen from there.

Address: Avenida Jornalista Alberto Francisco Torres, Icaraí – Niterói.

Niterói Bus Lines – 17, 32, 33, 43, 46, 47, 47B, 49, 53, 60
Rio/Niterói Bus Lines – 740D, 775D, 760D, 755D