The Itacoatiara Shore, also known as Tucum Hill, is a beautiful monolith moving forward to the sea between Elefante Rock and Itacoatiara Beach, one of the most popular in Niterói. These slopes are highly sought after, especially on weekends, both by hikers climbing the sloping ridge and by climbers who challenge the more upright granite faces, all wanting to reach the top to enjoy the view and the famous sunset.

The trail leading to Costão de Itacoatiara and Bananal Cove starts at the Visitors Welcome Desk, in Itacoatiara, at Rua das Flores nº 24, close to Itacoatiara Beach. As soon as you enter the gate of the Visitors Welcome Desk, sign the guest book and follow the trail that goes up in parallel to a wall a few meters ahead to then start a short zigzag, which lasts about 10 minutes, until you reach the neck of the valley, about 200m from the beginning of the trekking way. In this beginning the trekking way heads eastward, in the woods, and is well marked, with some improvements such as steps and handrails.